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How to Increase Sales and Reduce Costs Using These Simple Tips

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With the economy slumping for some, professional sales people to small business owners are always looking for some quick, simple sales coaching tips s to rev up those slumping sales.

Increase your energy: To sell means that you must meet and greet new people. When your energy levels are low, your body language projects those low levels of energy. Take some time to take an early morning walk or visit the gym. The other plus is you are probably reducing future health costs.


Leverage your Home Office: Much in sales involves making telephone calls to now sending emails. After that early morning walk, take time to make those early morning calls or late evening calls especially if you have a national territory.

Create Urgency: Just as vendors offer cash discounts for paying early, create some urgency by offering special pricing or bundling some of your best selling products or services.

Look for Low-Hanging Fruit: As one colleague once said: We drive by more business than we will ever have. Local conferences to trade shows are great places to connect with potential customers. Now with your travel costs reduced, your bottom line will increase.

Clean Out Old Business Cards: One survey by the National Sales Executives Association suggested that almost 50% of all leads are not followed up. How many business cards do you have stuffed in pockets, drawers or near your computer? Take time to call those potential leads. Cost reduction is that you need not pay for new leads or spend more time prospecting because you have gold in those piles of business cards.

Barter: Years ago bartering was an acceptable established practice. Possibly by trading your goods or services with other businesses may increase the bottom line because you are reducing costs.

Actively Listen: By actively listening to the needs of your clients, you can more accurately provide products and services that meet their needs. This action could effectively reduce inventory.

How to increase sales is a re-combination of some existing sales skills along with changing how you view your role as a sales professional. Remember, by changing your thoughts, you can change your sales results.

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